Of Eyes That See

Tiffany Sinko

My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted to do is sing. Nothing made me feel happier than singing. But one day, it wasn’t enough. That’s when I picked up a guitar. I was 10 years old when I first felt the vibration of my guitar ringing against me, and I knew immediately that this was what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life.
Music has given me a language that words will never be able to give me. I was created with music running in my blood, and was given a profound understanding and love for it from the start.
I’ve devoted every day for as long as I am alive to this love, and everything I do will be unto the one who gave it to me. Every note and lyric is unto my Lord and savior, and I would be nothing without Him.
I have released a 5 song EP called Empty Shadows with my producer Joel Piper, drummer and clean vocalist of the post-hardcore band Confide, and the sound is inspired by many active rock artists such as Flyleaf and Breaking Benjamin.
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Nick Giordano

At the age of 7, my parents got me my first drum set in hopes that I would stop banging on everything else in the house. My father was a drummer and my grandfather was a gospel singer on the radio.
Following in both my father's and grandfather's musical talents, I knew that drumming was going to be for me. The feeling of being in control of the dynamics of the band and worshiping from the heart with such a passionate instrument was what it was all about.
At the age of 14, I started playing for my youth group at New Covenant Church. At the age of 16, I toured the Philippines and was blessed with an endorsement deals with Risen Drums, Evans Heads, Promark Drum Sticks and TRX Cymbals. I've recorded with numerous artists locally in the area and have had the chance to play with one of my favorite worship leaders, Sarah Hart Pearsons.
I have had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as Disciple, Lecrae, Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, Fireflight and more. I know I wouldn't be where I am at today if it wasn't for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has had me in the palm of His hand throughout my entire life, leading me and guiding me day-to-day, through each door of opportunity. I give Him all the Praise, all the Honor and all the Glory.
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David Brockenborough
(aka: Scoop)

I grew up the middle child of a musical family of 5. I schlappa-da-5-string bass for Of Eyes That See!
I was introduced to music of course at an early age and actually started playing Trombone from the urging of my two older brothers and my parents when I was 11 (Elementary School through High School). Then, I grabbed my older brother’s acoustic guitar and started plucking away at 14 years old. I finally joined my church’s (Calvary Chapel Temecula Valley) Youth Group Band in 9th grade. Our guitarist and drummer ended up starting a band about 6 months later and needed a bassist so I said “Sure!” I have been playing bass ever since!
I am the Youth Worship Leader and co-worship leader presently at my church. I am also on staff at CCTV for Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Sound Engineering. I also fill in on bass at many local churches and events. I have had the privilege of doing 2 U.S. Tours, and sharing the stage with awesome artists such as Blue Oyster Cult, King’s X, Tree 63, Manafest, Dick Dale, Asia, L.A. Guns, Uriah Heep, Don Dokken, Circa, Priesthood, Adler’s Appetite, TNT, The Iron Maidens and many more!
God has definitely blessed me with all I have and all I am so, all praise and honor to Him!! God Bless you all!!